Hi there, what’s your name?

I’m Martina and this is another blog that I just started.

Let me tell you a bit about me:

  • I read a lot. Well, there are a lot of books queued on my list. I might be sharing them here one day.  I like the feeling of being lost in time, stepping in to the characters shoes, and then guess the outcome of the story. This keeps my brain active!
  • I am a night owl. My mind works amazing at night time, especially 12 midnight.
  • I procrastinate. A lot. Who doesn’t? But really, I am trying myself to be productive even for just an hour.
  • I love to travel. I love discovering new places. Take the bus and see the beach. Discover a new type of food. Take pictures. Sometimes I go out and let my feet take me to where she wants.
  • I write nonsense stuff. My mind works wonders and I am a curious specie. So, I write whenever I feel the need to write. Do you feel me when good ideas start to pop out of nowhere?
  • I am fond of movies and series. Very! I am into K-dramas. It makes me think that good guys still exists.

I started blogging on Tumblr since 2013 until I moved to Blogger and settled here in WordPress. It was a tough journey, considering that I can’t maintain it due to either procrastination, lack of ideas to write, busy at work or simply I just forget it. This time, opportunity keeps on bothering me, wanting me to do it again and that I need to pursue it this time. God knows I love to write. It’s just that, I am not completely honest to myself.

I start from scratch and I want it to be successful, no matter what.

My lovely wanderers, join me on my newest adventure. I really wanted to gain friends here on the web and I hope you could be one! ♥