Remembering You

Every time I have a date with someone, they always ask me “How did your ex-boyfriend do in your relationship?”

When I’m asked by this, I would usually take deep breaths. Where do I begin? I try to remember as I could. Those moments are jumbled in my mind and came to me in adrenaline. Anyway, I will tell them how amazing you were. I will tell them that you’re the most jammed-up person I’ve known in my life who would go along my crazy ideas. You were never boring. You always suprised me with my favorite dish every time I got off from work. Then, you would sing a song for me, tease me and  call me funny names. You like to show off those cute face gestures and never failed to kiss me on the lips. I love how you would show affection on me, telling me that you’re always thirst by my love. You never failed to make me cry that night you showed me to most wonderful place I have ever been. I know for sure I’m so loved by you. You always listen when I read my books to you and never show any sign of boredom when I told you how my day went, or how stress I am at work. I will tell them how handsome you look right after you take off your clothes and after you take a shower. I love the way how we made love. I am not embarassed to tell them that you always tell me that I’m beautiful every single day and you will introduce me as your future-wife-to-be to anybody you met. I realized I should stop. I was biased. I felt lonely. Because it made me think that I let go the person that I should be with forever. It made me think I was not able to move on. I thought,  those positive things won’t define you and what you have done in our relationship. Those things I told them are just the tip of your iceberg. And then, I felt of missing you. I regret of remembering you again. 

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