Letting Go

If there is something that I can say the best thing I’ve ever done to myself is the chance of letting myself out from you. There’s no material thing a man can buy that can make you happy other than achieving your freedom. Today’s generation, martyrism is not the trend anymore. You cannot simply cling to someone just because you bought the idea of you cannot live with him or her. Of course not. Do not cage yourself in. There are so much lovely things in the world that no one can replace. You are a complete person. You are wholesome. You have your own hands that can invent things. You have your feet to take you places. Don’t forget that you have all of your senses, the most wonderful gift of all, to explore all wonderful things. Be happy. Sticking into something that doesn’t make you happy is bullshit. That doesn’t make you a champion nor it doesn’t make you Muhammad Gandhi. If you want to make your life the fullest, do things that is applicable for you. Do things that makes that line curved on your face. Do things that is worth fighting for.


Thoughts for this post

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